Bringing Englewood Together


Joe has built a reputation in Englewood as a person who brings people together to get things done, and our community is stronger for it. There’s nothing City Council needs more of right now than a growing spirit of peacemaking and collaboration. On City Council, Joe will put his gifts in community-building and collaboration to work in order to make a better future for Englewood.

Why I Support Joe  (read more)


Joe and his family are part of what makes our neighborhood and community such a great place to live! I trust Joe to be our voice in local government.

Monica Slater, Englewood citizen

I support Joe because Joe inspires us to be better neighbors.

Stephen Strawbridge, Englewood citizen

Joe is a thoughtful leader who is passionate about improving our community.

Jed Burey, Englewood citizen

Joe always has the community’s best interests at the forefront and relates to the interests of the senior community especially well… A vote for Joe Anderson would be a vote for progress in Englewood.

Bruce and Sandy Grimm, Englewood citizens

He cares deeply for people in the community regardless of their age, race, religion, or socioeconomic background. He seeks ways to put the community’s needs above his own, not only through words, but through actions.

Brent Corrigan, Englewood citizen

Joe doesn’t just talk about loving and investing in our neighborhoods–he lives the life of a servant who has a contagious vision of a flourishing city. Joe is the most “complete package” candidate I’ve seen rise from my Englewood neighborhood in 30 years.

Dave Cheadle, Englewood citizen, retired Englewood teacher

Regardless of whether he is elected or not, I know he will continue to put Englewood first. That is why he will get my vote.

Dan Richie, Englewood citizen

I have witnessed Joe’s volunteerism within Englewood… I know he would pour his energy into this opportunity because he wants the best for his family and the families who live in the City of Englewood.

Les Cowger, Englewood citizen

I have personally witnessed and experienced Joe’s effective leadership and community-building skills and know he is the right man to help move Englewood forward in a positive and unified direction.

Judy Browne, Englewood citizen

Joe’s passion for the Englewood community is undeniable.

Brooks Bontrager, Englewood citizen


Strong neighborhoods make strong cities. Joe has been working to bring his neighbors together for years and has helped others do the same. Joe will work with neighborhood stakeholders and city leaders to strengthen and support Englewood’s neighborhoods.


Community happens when people who share a geography take the next step and share a culture together as well. This is where it gets fun; throwing parties and making music together is what builds community. On Council, Joe will work to build a strong community identity so that our common life can flourish here in Englewood.


For the last two years, Joe has worked as director of Unite Englewood, bringing city leaders together with faith and business leaders to find ways to work together for the good of Englewood. Under Joe’s leadership, this has led to the Neighborhood Rehab Project and a task force addressing homelessness.




Joe Anderson and his wife Becca moved to Englewood in 2008 in order to start their life together. After the birth of their first daughter, they bought a home in Englewood with the aim of laying down roots. The Andersons currently have three daughters (6, 4, and 2) and another on the way!

Joe has served as a pastor in Englewood, started a business, and most recently taken on the role of director for Unite Englewood, a coalition of Englewood churches and non-profits that work together for the good of the city. In Joe’s two years in that role, he has built a reputation as an effective city leader.

In a previous career, Joe worked as a land surveyor and draftsman. He has a masters degree in theology and an undergraduate degree in business management.

On the weekends, you might find Joe brewing beer or roasting coffee with neighbors and friends if he’s not off at one of Englewood’s lovely parks with his family.