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Neighborhood Rehab Project

My name is Tim Nichols, and I’ve lived in Englewood for 7 years, over by Swedish Hospital. I support Joe Anderson for City Council, and I’d like to tell you why.

One of Joe’s passions is bringing people together — whether it’s for a party, morning coffee, or a work project. Joe began actively seeking ways to bless Englewood years ago, and last year he found out about the Neighborhood Rehab Project. It’s a huge endeavor that takes months of planning. By the time we found out about it, it was way too late — but Joe went up and asked anyway. Amazingly, they said yes. In a matter of weeks, Joe brought together Englewood churches, the city manager’s office, the police department, and sponsoring businesses to bring the Neighborhood Rehab Project to Englewood. Over the past two years, 300 volunteers have helped 22 homeowners, painting five houses, rebuilding three porches, repairing five fences, carting off 160 yards of trash and 250 yards of tree slash.

This is the kind of leadership that Joe will bring to City Council. He will bring people together to benefit everyone.