Why I support Joe Anderson for City Council:


You want someone on your city council who is involved in the everyday life of your city. You want someone on your city council who takes time to know their neighbors, throw block parties, and see how they can meet the needs of those who cannot take care of themselves. You want someone who walks the streets and looks for what could be different, what could be better. You want someone who cares for their community so much that they would be willing to keep at it, even if no one else joined them. Joe Anderson has done all of this and more before he even thought of running for city council. Regardless of whether he is elected or not, I know he will continue to put Englewood first. That is why he will get my vote.

Daniel Ritchie, Englewood citizen



Joe Anderson is brilliant and highly educated, but down-to-earth and humble. He has taught at every level from graduate courses to pre-school finger painting. His life is a testimony to bringing diverse people together for positive causes while building a sustainable community for the future. Joe doesn’t just talk about loving and investing in our neighborhoods, he lives the life of a servant who has a contagious vision of a flourishing city. Joe is the most “complete package” candidate I’ve seen rise from my Englewood neighborhood in 30 years.

Dave Cheadle, Englewood citizen, retired teacher, Englewood Public Schools



In the years I’ve known Joe, he has impressed me as a man of character, conscience, and caring. His integrity comes through in his willingness to lay the necessary groundwork to make things happen. No shortcuts, and no hidden agendas. Joe is also a man who can see a need and respond to it with action. And that action is taken with the intent to do the right thing.
In the process, Joe treats people well. He is a warm person who wants the best for others. whether public officials or those on the bottom rungs of society. Whether with his family, his neighbors, or leaders in the community, Joe is an authentic and dedicated servant leader, and I heartily endorse him for Englewood City Council.

Chris Carr, Englewood citizen



It has been a great pleasure to get to know Joe over the past 5 years. During this time, I have seen him in action serving his neighbors and leading others to get involved by mobilizing them to serve their neighbors as well. He cares deeply for people in the community regardless of their age, race, religion, or socioeconomic background. He seeks ways to put the communities needs above his own, not only through words, but through actions.

Joe has a heart to see the City of Englewood prosper long term as he seeks ways to make a positive impact in the city today. I am confident that Joe will make sound decisions that will be in the best interest of the City of Englewood.

Brent Corrigan, Englewood citizen



I believe Joe Anderson is exactly what Englewood needs to bring our city council and leadership together to meet our goals. Joe is a man who has been deeply involved with our community and has demonstrated his leadership skills and ability to successfully bring people together in many capacities. I believe that Joe Anderson, as a member of our city council, is a key element to bringing Englewood together, building a vibrant city, and achieving our community goals.

I first met Joe at an Englewood Chamber of Commerce meeting, again at a small group community meeting and then worked with him as one of his project managers on the Neighborhood Rehab project this August. I know, first hand, that he has a special gift for community building and a heart for Englewood. I have lived, worked in, and volunteered in Englewood for 9 years and this is the first time I felt compelled to actively endorse a candidate for city council. I will be voting for Joe this November and I hope you will be, too.

Judy Browne, Englewood citizen



I’ve known Joe for five years now and he has shown me what kind of person he is during this time. He is a caring man, a family man, a man who wants the best for the city of Englewood. I have lived in Englewood for twenty-one years and I’ve met some people who have a heart for this city. Joe is one of those people. Since he and I have become acquaintances I have witnessed his outpouring of support for people. Last year he managed a successful home improvement project that benefited those in need. He spearheaded this campaign that had volunteers come together over a weekend and create improvements to properties in Englewood. This tells me he cares for his fellow citizen. Another example I can give is his organization for the block he lives on. By Joe helping others, the people who live on his block now support one another in a way that should be an example for all citizens in this city.

I witnessed Joe’s volunteerism within Englewood. Joe is an active participant of people who come together to pray for this city. He has volunteered his musical skills for area churches, one of which I am a member. As mentioned earlier, Joe is a family man. I have personally witnessed his love and support for his children and his spouse. I know Joe would pour his energy into this opportunity because he wants the best for his family and the families who live in the City of Englewood. For these reasons, I support Joe Anderson for Englewood City Council.

Les Cowger, Englewood citizen



Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to get to know Joe. He is a great neighbor who has a heart for the city of Englewood. Joe is a thoughtful leader who is passionate about improving our community. He also has the relationships and credibility necessary to get things done.

Jed Burey, Englewood citizen



We support Joe because Joe supports our neighborhood and our family. Joe dedicates more time than anyone we have ever met to the cause of improving the lives of his neighbors. We have spent time with Joe at the Neighborhood Rehab Project and other community events, and there is no doubt in our minds that Joe genuinely cares for the well-being of his neighbors just as much as his own. We have received more than a dozen invitations from Joe to come spend our Saturday’s with him caring for a needy Englewood neighbor: repairing appliances, trimming trees, removing debris (before the city has to issue another citation), painting walls or fences, or any number of things that his neighbors wish that they could do for themselves. If ever we are in need, we have no doubt that Joe would be the first one, with in his truck, trailer, and tools, to come to our aid.

I support Joe because Joe inspires us to be better neighbors. We believe that leaders are most effective when they lead by actions. And judging Joe by his actions, he wants his neighbors to thrive. And watching Joe’s actions inspires us to imitate. Because of Joe, we are better friends and neighbor in the community. If the city could have more men like Joe reaching residents like us, then the unity and compassion in Englewood would increase while the needs and hurts of Englewood would decrease.

Stephen and Elena Strawbridge, Englewood citizens



Joe displays the type of leadership qualities that the people of Englewood should want, and expect, in a leader of our community. Joe Anderson is a “take charge” guy who is always there to solve a problem no matter how big or small. He always has the community’s best interests at the forefront and relates to the interests of the senior community especially well.

He has always been there for myself and my wife and has proven he is always available to the entire community. A vote for Joe Anderson would be a vote for progress in Englewood.

Bruce Grimm, Englewood citizen



While my husband was born and raised in Englewood, I have lived in Englewood for 6 years. We have been neighbors with the Andersons most of that. Joe and his family are part of what makes our neighborhood and community such a great place to live! They are always helpful, they look out for our neighbors, and are active in our community. I trust Joe to be our voice in local government.

Monica Slater, Englewood citizen